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About Sportlink Club KNVB

The KNVB is a concept in the Netherlands, the largest sports organization with more than 1.2 million members and more than 500 employees. But where is the KNVB actually for? What does the organization look like? What are the highlights of the rich history of football? This and more you read on these pages. Get guide for Sportlink Club KNVB Inloggen and visit official website www.knvb.nl for more information.

knvb sportlink inloggen officials

The KNVB hosts nearly 33,000 weekly contests. And there's more to it than just drawing up a league schedule. All teams deserve namely a qualified trainer / coach and a qualified referee. The training of technical and arbitration framework is the responsibility of the KNVB, as well as drafting and enforcing the rules. And that's not all what the KNVB does, because even on a social level the Football plays an important role.

Knvb.nl Services

If football beating heart of the Netherlands has KNVB much about football knowledge.Including on the competition, regulations, training and leading a club. All this information is bundled in the online Knowledge. Because knowledge is power sharing. Fast and simple you find here what you want to know. In the area of services offered by the KNVB to associations.

KNVB Expertise

Since 2008, professional football its own knowledge: KNVB Expertise. This is a joint initiative of the KNVB, Eredivisie CV (ECV), Cooperative First Division (CED) and Federation of Professional Football Organisations (FBO). Through research, knowledge and expertise KNVB training aims to become the industry paid to professional football. Further

Combine knowledge

from the knowledge being studied include financial developments, satisfaction of football fans and developments in the area of accommodation. Additionally facilitates KNVB Expertise knowledge sharing between professional football knowledge through meetings, workshops and training.

In the online knowledge club employees have access to valuable information. On the website of KNVB Expertise can be found, including a press presentation of the annual Benchmark Professional Football Fan and Research. Some public inquiries  see the site of  KNVB Expertise .

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