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Mijn Voetbal
Help! I did not receive the activation email.
Some mail programs like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail handling mail Voetbal.nl incorrectly as spam. Always check your spam mail folder if you use such programs. If you receive any mail from Voetbal.nl, please contact the Service Desk 0900 5200 000 (20 cents per minute, Monday / Friday from 10:00 to 15:00).

Help! I forgot my username.
Contact the service 0900 5200 000 (20 cents per minute, Monday / Friday from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm). They can identify with you your username. If this fails, you will not have to create. Voetbal.nl a new account

I already have a "My KNVB.nl 'account, I must also register for Voetbal.nl?
Let's check Voetbal.nl Inloggen guide. Yes, with my KNVB.nl 'account, you must register. Registration runs a lot faster for users who log in with their existing 'My KNVB.nl' username and password because many required data are taken from your 'My KNVB.nl' account. You need them just to check and if necessary supplement. Click to register.

Do I have a Hyves account to register for Voetbal.nl me?
No, that's not necessary if you want to see. Only the data of amateur competition in If you Voetbal.nl, like Hyves, a network of football wants to make friends and want to upload, easy photos, videos, and match reports it is necessary to have a Hyves account and this during your registration to your Voetbal.nl- linking account.

Why should I register for Voetbal.nl?
You must be registered to view the competition. Data of Dutch amateur Additionally, you can easily create a network of football friends after registration and easily upload your photos, videos, and match reports.

About Football Media
Football Media is a young, ambitious company, focused on (to) develop and (co) operate soccer-related websites and mobile platforms.Football Media BV was founded by KNVB.NL BV and Hachette Filipacchi Media Netherlands BV end of 2008. The team of Football Media currently exists of five regular players and is led by Felix van der Kooi.

Current activities include the development and operation of voetbal.nl, onsoranje.nl and knvbstraatvoetbal.nl. It is the ambition of Football Media to grow to a market leading position in digital soccer-related expenditure in the Netherlands. For any questions, you can email or send contact at: Football Media BV Wilgenweg 4 1031 HV Amsterdam.

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