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Mijn Kadaster Online Inloggen

The Law information exchange underground networks, also called WION or excavation scheme entered into force on 1 July 2008. Since October 1, 2008, is required to do digging a message at the Land Registry with any 'mechanical ground agitation'. Let’s check how to go for Mijn Kadaster Online Inloggen.

The law requires diggers (also called earth movers) to report any 'mechanical ground agitation' including the laying of cables. Cable and pipeline operators have all their (underground) cables and pipes within accuracies are digitally available and offer as requested by the Land Registry.

The purpose of the law
The aim of the law is a danger or economic loss caused by damage to underground cables or pipes (water, electricity and gas pipes, telephone lines and oil and gas pipelines) to avoid.

Kadaster realize that we perform our duties to society. We want that society, therefore, provide ample opportunity to judge us. Therefore let the Land Registry in many ways open to see how it plans and executes them.

Charter Public Accountability
The Land Registry has formed the in November 2000 with other independent administrative authorities (IAB's) Public Accountability Charter Group. The organizations did not only accountable to their ministers, but also to users, customers, and society. Their Charter provides guidelines for continuously improving the quality of service.

The activities of the Land can be divided into several parts.

The Land Registry has the statutory duty to manage several registrations. This includes the registration of property, topography, ships, and aircraft.

Managing Rural Facilities
The Land Registry also manages records of other organizations. These are the so-called National facilities.

Provide information
The data that manages the Land registry makes it available to those who need them, independent information about real estate and geography, for the Netherlands.

Customisation and advice
Sometimes give the standard range of products from the Land Registry not answer the customer demand. At that time the Land Registry customization and advice offers mainly to governments.

International activities
The Land Registry is also active outside the Netherlands. We share our knowledge with international organizations and advise government organizations.

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