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Mijn SNS Bank Inloggen

SNS bank inloggen zakelijk: It is a Dutch retail bank which provides financial products to both companies and individuals. The word SNS stands for “Samenwerkende Nederlands Spaarbanken”. Internet Bankieren of SNS is very much secure banking as they provide the secure environment to their entire account holder. Internet Bankieren

It is free for all the account holder of SNS to avail the benefit of Internet Banking. For the same one has to get Digipas which is a kind of device. With this device, one can easily avail the benefit of Internet Bankieren very easily. Digipas help to check the account in case of another activity one has to get digi code. Digi code consists of username and password. Internetbankieren Zakelijk Inloggen

Let's check Mijn SNS Bank Inloggen help. One received this device automatically when on his request he opens checking account. In the back of the Digipas there is a sticker in which there is given the digi card number which you have to enter it without dashes and spaces, the sound in added to Digipas which will tell you about the step you should take to request for your balance or the amount of the charges.

Digicode consists of username and password by this one can arrange everything in the personal banking environment, with this code one can quickly transfer money between their own account, the digital code for securities transactions and orders. If you want to do payment other than your own account you need Digipas.

To create a digital code: Inloggen to Mijn SNS Bank with the Digipas from the left menu, click on setting and Digi code Manage “they will ask you to provide username and password. You should keep in mind two things while giving the username and password:
  • The username  must be at least of 6 characters long and cannot be numeric and
  • The password should be at least 8 characters
In case you forgot the username or password or digi code then you can request them, they will mail you your password or username for the same you have to provide the mail ID and date of birth.

Once the above procedure is done one can Inloggen to Mijn SNS where there will be two options given one is log in through Digicode and another option will be to log in through Digipas. As per the requirements and need of the account holder he can choose the option and can inloggen to Internet Bankieren and can access the account from anyplace at anytime.

Customer SNS / Klantenservice Telefoon

0900-18 50 (local rate)
On weekdays from 8 to 21 hours,
Saturday from 9 to 17 hours,
Sunday closed

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