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Login with your user control panel (OQS...) and your password. You received this email your welcome. Here we will discuss on Mijn Inloggen help and customer service phone number.

Not yet a customer?

inloggen simpel lukt niet

Want to know more about the control panel Simple Hosting please look at our information pages. On these pages, you can read all about our control panel. Do you then you can always contact our helpdesk questions.

Control Panel, Username, and Password

You will receive your username and password by email. For this it uses Simple Hosting the email address you submitted with your application and/or what to Simple Hosting is known as 'personal data' in the control panel. Let's check Mijn Inloggen guide.

You can, if you are logged in, change your password yourself. The username can not be changed. Changing your password is done through the 'Password' button.

Figure out
If you forget your password, you can retrieve it yourself. The link Password Recovery you can own with your username and password uncover known to our e-mail address (under 'Personal information' in the control panel).

Does not work
You can not log in to the control panel? You first try the correct username and find out the correct password. See instructions above. Experience shows that in 95% of cases, the password is different than you think. The first three characters in your username are always letters (OQS…) Otto Simon quotient.

Rotterdam Webhosting

Simple Hosting

Simple Hosting is a young organization led by an ambitious entrepreneur. In 2000 the company name was Online Quality Solutions (OQS) registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. Under this name, a number of activities started as Research Online, Simple Pages and Simple Hosting (in 2004). Simple Hosting made a flying start and quickly became an important part of the OQS.

In 2006 it was decided to divest all other operations, and the entire company to focus on Simple Hosting only. In 2007 the company name changed to the name of OQS Simple Hosting.Present Simple Hosting is running at full speed connected with thousands of satisfied customers and Simple Hosting is becoming one of the largest web hosters Netherlands.

Operating activities
are the primary business of selling virtual space on a web server in order to store and make available data. This data may include e-mail, files, website or online application. This service also includes the registration of one or more domain name (a) m (s) to the data, via the Internet, to make up for visitors available.

Another important component is to support the customers. Given the nature of the service and the majority of users with insufficient technical knowledge is called a support department is crucial.
The third branch of the organization's records. Because we collaborate with the much different organization and because needs to be very accurate work to record, lifting, moving or changing domain names Simple Hosting a stable administration set.

Simple Hosting is distinguished acting directly usability of its competitors, (work in it), accessibility and scale with the needs of the customer. In the marketing and external communication distinction Simple Hosting mainly in findability, accessibility, and clarity.

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