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Belastingdienst Toeslagen Inloggen - Mijn Toeslagen Digid

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Belastingdienst Toeslagen Inloggen - Mijn Toeslagen Digid

Tax authorities

The Tax Administration is responsible for levying and collecting of taxes and contributions.

Most people and firms meet in the right way with their tax obligations and therefore never get to do with the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD). But when someone evades example commits fraud and tax, enter the FIOD. This not only has a financial interest, but also a social one: it has a preventive and a clear signal to society that fraud is being addressed.

When the Tax fraud suspects, the case is submitted to the IRS. Then assess the FIOD or there is indeed fraud. Is the case, then the FIOD decisions in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service to set a criminal investigation The focus was to the social interest to prosecute and its feasibility.

The final outcome of the research is recorded in an official report. In about 90% of the cases decision the prosecutor the defendant to prosecute. This may by the suspect to sue, but the prosecutor in tax fraud can also opt for an administrative settlement. Ie imposing the Tax fraudster fined.

The FIOD also investigate on the grounds of economic planning, financial integrity and movements. It comes to matters such as bankruptcy fraud, anti-money laundering legislation and the Health Care Charges Act. FIOD also contributes to the fight against organized crime and terrorism by charting flows of criminal and terrorist organizations. Because they are not bound by borders, the FIOD cooperates with foreign (sister) organizations.

How do surcharges?

Have health insurance, a rental house or children? Than you might get a contribution to the costs. Such contribution is called a surcharge.

There are 4 bonuses:
allowance , a contribution to the cost of your health insurance
child budget , a contribution towards the cost of your children
housing allowance , a contribution in your rental costs
childcare allowance , a contribution towards the costs of childcare

Calculate surcharge

Want to know whether you are entitled to an allowance? And if so, how much? Then make a trial calculation.

Request surcharge

If you want to get a surcharge, you must apply for Tax Administration / Benefits. Only the child budget you usually do not have to ask.
You need a supplement to questions 1 Then you get the allowance each year automatically.
Read more about this request fee .

Change surcharge

If something changes in your situation, can change the height of your allowance. For example, if you get married, move, or you will be earning.It is important that you give your change before your situation changes.We can adapt your allowance on time.
Read more about this in passing changes .

Surcharge stop

You can stop your surcharge at any time. This can also retroactively.
Read more about this when I want to my surcharge stop .

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