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Why should I register as a subscriber?

To log on to our website for services that are protected for subscribers, you must first create an account with your email address, zip code and phone number. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. These data together form your login information for the website. be used to verify that you as a subscriber registered in our system.'s credentials De Volkskrant is on the site distinction between subscribers and non-subscribers.

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Subscribers heben after the one-time registration with subscriber number automatically access excusieve features on our site, such as the Online Newspaper Digital Archive and Web Self Service (an important reason to use subscriber registration use is guarding a safe environment to change your subscription details or make towards our customer service) alert Registering the Volkskrant website is disposable, easy and free. The privacy of your data is guaranteed.

Where and how can I login?

To gain access to the exclusive subscriber services on our site access should be you. Login Can log in using the link top right of this page.

How can I change my password?

Go to the login screen to change your data or CHANGE select the Profile link at the top of this page.
Here you can directly convert your old password in a chosen password. This page is only visible when you login.

Why register?

One login for all online services; delivery complaints and make changes, the Volkskrant read online and free exclusive articles in the archive reading.With your registration, you can consult your subscriber data 24 hours a day and change. All delivery complaints, holidays and changes you can make to us immediately known. By using your registration, your request processed immediately. So you have everything in your hands.

I have my phone number needed to make. Subscriber profile Where can I find the phone number?
You can find your phone number at the locations below:
- in your welcome letter
- in your welcome e-mail
- on every giro for the subscription
- at any depreciation of the subscription - by internet banking (in the same way as a giro feature).
- You can also call Customer Service on 088 - 0561 561 Previewing your phone number on your giro Previewing your subscriber number in depreciation from your account on your giro always find you first check digit. After this check digit is your subscriber number printed. If you see one or more leading zeros after the check number, then these are not part of your subscriber number. The telephone number is up to 8 digits.

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