Belastingdienst Inloggen Ondernemers - Aangifte 2021

Inloggen op Mijn Toeslagen Inloggen Ondernemers: Belastingdienst is a part of Ministry of Finance. It is related to the tax collection and customs services of the Netherland, The main duty of them is to keep a control and eye on import, export ad transit of goods, and also help in identifying any fiscal, economic and financial frauds.

They provide different services in different areas such as In Privately they deal with the declaration in which it includes information on income tax return, provisional assessment, Information about the card and transportation, home, belastingdienst zorgtoeslag aanvragen, abroad and customs etc.

In Real, they focus on Declaration, payment, and monitoring, anything which is related to Vat, calculate the profit etc. In Intermediaries, they focus on programs, fees, try to give an answer to the different question about tax partner and tax regime. Etc. In Customs for Business, they talk about travelers and customs, Input, Storage etc.

Way to Inloggen to
They provide the online service so that one can easily get the information on tax, about customs duty. In order to avail the benefit of their online service one just need to have an account with Belastingdienst and for creating account one need to have
Computer with internet access
BSN i.e. security number

  • Visit the home of Belastingdienst at, there on the right-hand side there are two different option out of that click on “login for entrepreneurs” 
  • New web page will open in which click on “log entrepreneurs”, there you have to provide the username or password, in case if you have you can proceed further but in case you don’t have the same you need to get the same
  • Click below on the “username and /or password”, web page will open in which they will ask you three option select the “I am both my username and my password and click on “ok”
  • Provide your BSN number click on “ok” give an answer to some of your questions and follow the procedure to complete your registration process.

Security Tips:
  1. Never share your username and password with any body
  2. Create your password strong so that it become difficult for one to guess
  3. Always logged off from your account before closing the window.
  4. Keep on checking your account frequently so that if there are any wrong activities going on it can be identified.
  5. Never update your personal information like bank detail on your accounts.

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