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The modern student administration program of the Netherlands

Intuitive - User - "My ESIS"
ESIS A includes all administrative tasks for a school for primary education are essential. ESIS was for many years a recognized accounting. Besides the Ministry of Education and the inspection are also institutions such as administrative offices, municipalities, DUO, Secondary Education and the GGD / school social work agreement with statements such as these come from ESIS. The exchange SOURCE is excellent. Here we talk about Esis b Rovict Inloggen - Rovict Online.

rovictonline esis

ESIS is user-friendly, web-based and works intuitively. Obviously you with several people simultaneously work with ESIS. Through Authorization specifies which users can access to the program and their rights, the so-called "My ESIS". Programs Timetables can now compose your own weekly schedule. Uniquely you ESIS bovenschools level on common information sharing, ESIS Bovenschools, (eg lists of GPs) and management information can generate.

PKO and Inspection
In preparation of the Periodic Visit the Education Inspectorate are lists, such as: the number of repeaters by grade, group summaries of test results of pupils at the start of group 1 were in school, school reports to the test results into view.

We have now Management Summary Revenue inspection standards were added: you can now determine the average proficiency scores of key decreases in imaging and rebelling against the standard that uses the inspection.

complete student records;
absent registration;
PKO - inspection reports;
Overview revenues inspection standard;
Grilling parent evenings;
finance (petty cash and accept transfers);
activity plans;
holidays and free days enter;
Create group grids using an annual plan;
one hour calculation, which gives you an insight into the planned teaching time per year;
schedule weekly drawing;
registration of children: children pre-school, playgroup or nursery visits, write also in ESIS. Also key data and observations lay herein fixed;
together with ESIS B, a fully integrated student management system.

Digital File transfer and ELD
The DOD, that student records can be transferred digitally, is already several years in use. The ELD, the Electronic Learning Dossier, is the next step in this development. The ELD is to transfer data across the education chain are properly arranged. Rovict is qualified for the ELD.

In summary:
a uniform system for the entire administration;
no double (input) work;
statements comply with the laws and regulations;
always up-to-date;
good understanding of the ins and outs of your school;
enter and retrieve data whenever and wherever you want;
direct statements available for the visit of the Education Inspectorate.

With ESIS can be more than just your student records provide:

ESIS B is the student management system for registration of test results, file structure, report of parent meetings and action plans. Including the National Model Instructional Report: all relevant data from ESIS herein are automatically loaded.Want more information? Please contact via [email protected] or 035-603 60 80. You can also view our demo movies by ESIS view here click. More information about other products Rovict can be found on the component products on our

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