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My Malmberg is a site with valuable information to your Malmberg method. More than 32,000 primary school teachers use it. Here we will discuss on Mijn Malmberg Inloggen.

With Mijn Malmberg, you benefit from:

  • Lesson plans in your method
  • Convenient method of material
  • News about your method
  • Experiences of other teachers
  • Newsletters on your method
Plus: Free Teacher Magazine

Plus: You will receive 2 x per year free magazine Teacher, a magazine about all the things that the teaching profession as fun.

Registration for My Malmberg is free. Through the red registration button in the right menu, you can register. After registration, you will receive 4 times a year a newsletter of the method for which you have registered and you will receive 2 x per year the teacher. You also have access to the additional material method.

You register by the following steps in the registration form: Step 1: You specify whether a school, a school supplier, an educational advisory service or a network administrator. Also fill in your details and your school name. If you place the name of your school type are automatically schools in the residence displayed. Step 2: My profile: Specifies for which teaching methods you want to log. You can also specify whether you Teacher magazine and extra newsletter will receive. Step 3: You will receive an email from us which you can confirm your registration.

Then you can log in directly to My Malmberg. On the homepage, you can see the methods which you are logged in red. Using the methods you can click through to the method information.

Via 'Data Change' you can sign up for more methods or your data.

Inloggen/ Activeren Digitaal Lesmateriaal (ePack)

On this page, you can quickly your digital teaching materials of Malmberg (epack) activation.
The next time you go to your e Pack want, you can directly log. Caution: this route only works if you have an activation code have received Make a choice :

Korte Uitleg Van De Knoppen

Activation code
You have received an activation code. Follow the steps to get the code to activate.Directly login You already have a code activated. You can use your Entrance account directly to your e-pack overview to login. Choose this button for access to the download portal administrator after activation code (for purchasers). I have no code You have no activation code. Look what you should do.

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