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To Sign In at www.roc.nl, please make your own My Career account. Here we will discuss on www roc nijmegen nl vacatures and webprint roc midden Nederland.

Why own My Career account?

Whether you are looking for training or work, your unique account will support you in every phase of your career:

Orientation Phase
Training Information Request/store;
Take the test! (Career Test, Talent Detector, etc);
View your future profession;
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Open day calendar.

View the latest events!
View your career opportunities;
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Find an internship or BBL place!

Labour Phase
Find the right job;
Make your unique CV;
Apply online;
Helpful Hints (The Coach)

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These general conditions apply to all offers and all agreements entered into by or on behalf of ROC, whatsoever. In particular, but not exclusively, these conditions apply to agreements made by company to the mention of services, products and training of principals, particularly but not exclusively (educational) institutions, on the website www.roc.nl, under other specifying the content of the services, products, and training and in providing services, products and training associated rates.

Where in these terms and conditions refer to "principal" shall be understood as any natural or legal person to us in a contractual relationship state, under an agreement concluded with ROC, and any natural or legal person who is the company an agreement wishes to enter. The term "client" shall in particular but not exclusively be understood as an (educational) institution that instructs the company to mention its services, products, and training on website www.roc.nl.

The provisions in these general conditions can only and exclusively be made if and to the extent expressly agreed in writing.

If the client to his General Conditions, the conditions of the client shall not apply, it is otherwise only if and insofar as the applicability of the requirements of the client has been accepted by company in writing and provided that the conditions of the client are not in conflict with the provisions of our terms and conditions.

Do the conditions of the client thus conflict with ROC’s terms and conditions, then it is only in company’s terms and conditions apply. Any other stipulation in the conditions of the client does not affect the foregoing.

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