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  • Innovative, professional, education-oriented software
  • 10 years experience with web-based teaching automation
  • 25 specialists with an understanding of Education & ICT
  • 45 educational institutions as customers, 150,000 users
  • By and for the education!
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What Company stands for

Web based software develop the educational process and actually supports - through the cloud - on any device can be used. That is the mission of Trajecplanner! From here, the existing modules of the same education management further developed and Trip Planner as an integrated package expanded. For both VO, VMBO, MBO as HO & Education.

In addition, company strive for long-term relationships which content is given by 'providing high quality products at attractive pricing, including an enthusiastic service & professional service. "

Education-oriented approach

With the current individualization and flexibility in education, the focus more than ever on education rather than administration. This trend increases the need for insight and overview, which also workflow enabled applications in education are becoming increasingly important. User-centric information and functionality, which closely matches the relevant education manager-employee (s) and student there is therefore essential and therefore our absolute focus.

All aspects that contribute to the quality of the Trip Planner solution and customer satisfaction are from a strategic vision in house care: software development and (presales) consultancy and maintenance and support. This view provides a central point for all educational institutions teaching automation-related issues, short lines and a clear quality.

Ambition of

We aspire to the education-oriented and proactive approach as since its launch in 2004, has an enthusiastic way to perpetuate and specialist educational support automation to continue. An absolute focus on the (vocational) education conservative and from a teaching-oriented pricing and service in a controlled way to develop into a team of 30-35 specialists with 50-60 education as a customer, where we proactively continue to invest in further development and innovation.

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