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UWV Werkmap Inloggen

My UWV is your secure environment. This means that only you can see this data. Log in with your DigiD and then comes to the information that is important to you. Here we will discuss on UWV Werkmap Inloggen steps. You can go to Mijn UWV data and arrange things, for example:

  • follow your unemployment application;
  • the payment specifications and annual statement of your benefit;
  • your employment;
  • Change and Income Form WW fill;
  • Better reporting.

uwv werkmap inloggen

DigiD stands for Digital Identity; it is a common system by which the government can verify on the internet your identity. With your, DigiD can have more and more government agencies. You can request your DigiD.

www.uwv.nl Policies and Regulations

UWV takes decisions on its regulatory powers. And to adopt policies so its capacity to work laws, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance can perform. Decisions are published in the Government Gazette. You will find here the decisions per the calendar year.

Here you will find the decisions they take in the context of its regulatory power to adopt policies for the implementation of capacity to work laws, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance. Decisions are published in the Government Gazette. Here we also check Mijn UWV Werkmap Inloggen met Digid guide.

The organization


The originated in 2002 from a merger of the performance settings Cadence, Gak, GUO, SFB and USZO and client Lisv. Since then we have developed into a more efficient, customer-oriented and increasingly better performing organization. Customized, targeted approach, electronic services, and simplification are the key concepts.

On January 1, 2009, are UWV and CWI merged, all work-oriented activities have since been placed in the new Division of Employment. Join forces with CWI and the growing cooperation with local authorities and much other public and private parties it becomes an indispensable part of the public infrastructure.

Organizational structure

UWV the activities are organized in five divisions (Employment, Social Medical Affairs, distribute, Customer Service and Data Services) and the line directorates Objections & Appeals and Enforcement. It has seven staff directorates: Audit, Administration, Corporate ICT Services Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Management and Strategy, Policy and Knowledge.


The company is represented throughout the Netherlands. Job seekers can now visit on 80 sites WERKbedrijf often Werkpleinen the Municipal Social Services is also represented. As a result of the drastic cuts, we will have to limit our nationwide network in the coming years to thirty regional offices. It has 27 offices where customers can go for other things.

On seventeen of them also find administrative work such as the determination of benefits. The telephone contacts with UWV via our Customer Contact Centres, these are housed in Groningen, Almere, and Goes. Their head office is in Amsterdam.

Our staff

It had on September 1, 2012 16,616 FTEs (19,317 employees). UWV's workforce shrunk from 2003 to end of 2008 with a total of 8,000 employees. In 2009, the workforce for the first time increased. That was initially mainly the result of the merger with CWI as of January 1, 2009. From 2011 to 2015 approximately 5,000 workplaces will disappear.

Mijn UWV Werkmap Inloggen is very easy. To cope with it as a result of the economic crisis rapidly growing number of unemployment applications we got an extra budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs to put additional temporary staff for the benefit care and guidance of job seekers. We also got the extra budget to put additional temporary employees who are non-digi skilled customers can help to learn how to deal with e-services. We put so many redundant employees stated.

The end of 2011 the staff existed for 46 percent of men and 54 percent women. 46 percent have a full-time employment (33 percent men and 13 percent women), 54 percent work part-time (18 percent men and 36 percent women). Age structure: the end of 2011 was 2 percent of our employees younger than 26 years, 13 percent 26 to and with 35 years, 27 percent 36 to 45 years, 37 percent 46 to and with 55 years and 21 percent was 56 years or older.

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