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Beta user login aanmelden: It is a part of a DigiSchool and provide a free online hearing program for vocabulary. Here we will discuss on inloggen and woordenlijsten wrts nl uitgever thiememeulenhoff. In this the user will enter the word or can download list, once the word can be entered, then the same can be heard. By this online service one can have the WRTS dictionaries anywhere at any time. In order to keep the record one can save the lists in WRTS.

The personal details given by the user to wrts are solely used for administration purposes. It is used by many of the student and other because of its main features like with wrds it easy to learn words as there is online-vocabulary testing program, one wordlist is available at all the time, no specific software is required to use wrts. If in case one is using overhear, Teach2000 of a backpack then also he can open and save their wordlists in WRTS and more of it is free to use but just to avail all the benefits one need to get register with the them.

About DigiSchool:
They provide the student the alternative way to carry on their academic curriculum and also help the teacher who wants to develop and improve the learning paths. It has almost 35teachers from primary and secondary both who help in developing the education website throughout the Netherlands.

They carry out different presentation and workshop in order to aware people about their service and also develop an application for education such as WRTS. They provide training on meaningful IWB use, digital testing, deploying WRTS or working with the learning Database Digischool.

Way to Login or Beta Inloggen

A computer will internet access
A Valid email address

Steps for registering with Wrds and for login:
  1. Visit the homepage at
  2. There at the top click on the button linked “Register
  3. New web page will open in which you have to provide some of the information like email id and password
  4. Once you have provided the same click at “submit”.

After that, you can start carrying on different activities from your account. It is free for the personal use. One can access this online service of WRTS from anywhere at any time and can improve the learning power and also can take part in the test so that he can compare himself and create the word list and also share with their friends.

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