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Raetonline Inloggen

Raet is IT service provider in the field of HR and payroll. It was founded in 1965 and now is in Amersfoort. Raet carries out around two million monthly salary calculations and million Pensioen plan and benefit Bereken. Here we will discuss on Raet online inloggen salarisstrook. It has almost 900 employees and provides their support in HR operation in more than 12,500 organizations.

It was the first companies in the world to introduce HR apps for smartphones and tablets in 2011. It provides different HR solution as per the organization needs after looking at their HR and Payroll processes.

In the year 2007, the company took one of the major steps in order to introduce Raet Online. This service includes Self-service for employees and manager, online file, employee development, recruitment, absence management and reporting.

There is a different way to access the Raet online for HR portal and for employees and manager. HR and payroll professional can access this service only by getting a proper certificate which has a special security so that their administration work gets secure.

They have a login on the website and works with Internet Explore and their own Browser. Whereas for employee and manager, they have to Inloggen by their username and passwords which they create after they get register with the Raet.

Once can avail the following benefit by Raet online:
  • It helps to access to current HR indicator and target values.
  • It helps to get optimization through integrated capabilities.
  • It helps to carry on administrative HR tasks in ‘Line’.
  • One can use the same source data for the various functions less error prone.
  • One can have Highly secure and reliable data storage
  • One can access from anywhere and at anytime
  • Always in line with the latest legislation
  • It helps for direct access from one owns IT network for their own employees.
  • One can have the advantage of flexibility through modular structure etc.

In order to get register with the Raet one just has to provide two things Name and the email address and in return they will send you the confirmation mail and then create the username and password and access the Raet online service.

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