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Hogeschool Rotterdam Inloggen: It is a University which provides different higher vocational education. There are almost ninety courses in different areas such as Arts, Education Behavior, Society, Health, Economy, Technology and Media & ICT. Around 30,000 students and 3000 employees are connected with it. Their education system focuses on innovation and practical projects.

They have six substantive priorities: Sustainable Innovation, Healthcare Innovation, Creating 010, Talent Development, Ideal Port, and Innovative Entrepreneurship. They consist of 12 institutes which provide bachelor and master programs namely: School of communication, Media and information, Institute of commercial Management, Institute of Engineering and Applied Science, Institute for the Built Environment, Institute for Financial management, Institute of business administration, Institute for social Education, Institute for Healthcare, Teacher training Institute, Rotterdam Business school, Willem de Kooning Academy Media, art and design education, Institute for Research and Innovation.

Way to get login to HRO | Hogeschool Rotterdam Inloggen Hint

It very easy and simple to get login for HRO, in order to get login one need to get register with it and for the same one need to have
  • Computer with Internet access
  • DigiD (if student stay in Netherlands)
  • Personal and contact information on hand
  • Information regarding the Diploma or any other program one has obtained
  • Payment details
  • Visit the website of HRO at http://www.hogeschoolrotterdam.nl, there on the top in the menu click on the button marked “Student” under this heading there are different options click on “sign in”
  • New webpage will be open in which you have to click on the button marked “Sign in to studies link”. There are two options for login if you live in Netherlands then click on “log in with DigiD” and  if you live outside the Netherlands then click on “Login via studielinks
  • If you click on "log in with DigiD", there you need to provide username and password related to DIgiD, you can get your DigiD username and password from its site www.digid.nl
  • If you click on “login via studielink”, you have to provide the username and password if you don’t have the same click below on “Apply for username and password
  • New web page will open in which you have to provide some of your personal details like Desired username, Name, Gender, place of birth, Date of birth, nationality, address, contact information etc, and then click on confirm and follow the procedure as per the given instruction. They will mail you your password at your mail address.
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