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About Google Ad Words

Google Adwords Login Page, Inloggen Guide - Google AnalyticsIt is Google’s one of the main advertising product and also the important and main source of revenue. The Ad words program includes local, national, and international distribution. One can make their own ad campaign with the help of the Google Ad words. For the same one has to create the account with Google.

Step by Step Guide for creating Account

One should have username and password in order to access the Google Ad word Account and client have two different option: one has to select from two options in which they have mentioned whether you already use any of another google account such as Google services like Adsense, Gmail, Orkut or iGoogle. If yes then,

  1. visit the home page
  2. sign in with the same email address and password
  3. select the country and zone for your account as Google need time zone for setting the billings and statistics of their client
  4. Choose the currency one want to use for their account which will be used for billing and performance report.
  5. Click on continue
  6. Mail will come to your email id where you have to click on the verification link in order to activate your account.

And in case if you don’t have any username and password and you have to create the new one then,
  • visit the home page
  • Click on ‘getting started’
  • Click on ‘Create Account’ and click on “I do not use these other services”
  • Provide the active email id and the password (one should provide the string password in order to protect from hackers).
  • Select the country and zone of your account a one should take care as he cannot change the time zone later.
  • Choose the current one need to have for their account
  • Click on continue
  • And again click on the verification link which is mail to your email id

After creating the account one can start creating the Ad campaign for their own business and one can easily target the people who are searching on google and with this Adwords, one can also target new audiences. One has the tool of editing their Ad in order to get the best result, there is a different format which is provided by the Ad Words. And also one can make the payment only when people start clicking on your ads.

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