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Mijn BNG: It is the second safest Bank in the world and safe bank in Nederland. It is Dutch bank and providing financial semi-public organization products. Here we will discuss on Mijn BNG Inloggen. It is not the bank of the individual sector but its banker for governments. Their clients are not the individual customer but governments and institutions in the area of housing healthcare and some public utility.

The company was founded in 1914.They provide customer financial services like leading, advisory, payments, E-banking and asset management. They provide low fares long leading to local government and minimized the cost of social services. MijnBNG is a statutory two-tier company under Dutch Law. Half of the bank’s share capital is held by the state of the Netherlands and the other half by municipal authorities. There are a Large Scale renovation and construction of new housing in the Tarewewijk district of Rotterdam. One of the housing projects is financed by BNG.


Mijn BNG Inloggen

  • Go on https://www.uam.bdsonline.nl/
  • Enter your User ID in the first box
  • Enter your Password in the second box
  • Press OK button


BNG follows a strategy based on cost leadership and client partnership. As a cost leader, the bank aspires to offer its products at the lowest possible rates, primarily by keeping its lending rates as close as possible to the cost of funding. Optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness are key to achieving this goal.

Given the aforementioned developments in the markets in which BNG is active, the bank pursues objectives that help to secure its market position while safeguarding continuity. These intentions have been translated into a policy that focuses on activities with a higher return, Cost control.

Payments and e-Banking

Mijn BNG delivers products and services that enable clients to organize their payments and liquidity management efficiently and effectively. A pivotal role is played by the BDS Online portal. One key component of this portal is the BNG Inloggen Payments module, which gives clients rapid and safe access to payment services via the internet.

The world of payment services will remain in flux in the coming years. The establishment of the Single Euro Payments Area is an important development in this context. In this rapidly changing environment, BNG is committed to supporting its clients with optimal payment services.

Its clients, BNG added a reporting module to its bds Online Treasury module in 2006. Local and regional authorities and housing associations can use this model to gain insight into the interest rate risks over the coming years. A similar module is being developed for the healthcare sector.

BNG’s market strategy will continue to target the provision of specialized services at the lowest possible prices, irrespective of market conditions. For more details visit MijnBNG official website.

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