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National Disaster Fund opens 'giro 777' to help flood disaster in Limburg. Their official website is www.giro777.nl for donation. The National Disaster Fund has opened bank account number 777 to private individuals, companies and institutions that want to contribute to the areas in South Limburg affected by the flood disaster.


Due to the enormous interest last night, the website giro777.nl was down for a while. The action will continue "at full speed" for the next few days.

The national government has already made it clear that the central government has an important role to play in alleviating the emergency. Much damage to homes and businesses is covered by insurance. But there are also needs that are distressing and which cannot be covered from other sources. And it is precisely for these initiatives that the National Disaster Fund wants to be a financier.

According to the chairman of the National Disaster Fund, ClĂ©mence Ross-van Dorp, this concerns support for small-scale projects that serve to 'get society going again'. She emphasizes that no direct aid will be given to individuals and companies. “We are concerned with citizens' initiatives that - after the mud has been shoveled away - help to alleviate local needs. The money, which hopefully will be given generously, will be distributed in collaboration with local people and organizations. They know where the greatest need is and can provide tailor-made solutions. We therefore hope that Dutch people, institutions and companies will be very willing to donate generously. Because you are not there with your recovery of your house. Our aim is to get the cement back into society.”

The National Disaster Fund will allocate funds received through an assessment committee to qualified recovery projects of civil society organizations. The support for damage that has been promised by the national government will not be distributed via the National Disaster Fund.

You can transfer a donation via iDEAL (in that case you may see an account number of the payment organization Mollie as a contra account, they will transfer this) or by submitting a transfer to your bank yourself. In the latter case, you will need the following information from us:

  • Name: Stichting Nationaal Rampenfonds
  • Location: Houten
  • Account number: NL28 INGB 0000 000 777 

Gifts can be transferred through any bank in the Netherlands to account number 777 (redirects to NL28 INGB 0000 000 777)

You can check more details for GIRO 777 doneren limburg on the official website www.giro777.nl.

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