Mijn Knab Inloggen : Hoe log ik in op de website van www.knab.nl

Mijn Knab Inloggen

is the online bank with human service in the Netherlands. With your Knab Payment Account you get a debit card and access to your Personal Banking Environment for free. Here you can safely arrange your payments and you have an overview of your transactions and (savings) balance.

With the Knab App you put your digital signature on all your assignments at Knab. If you want, you can also confirm payments with your debit card and card reader.

How do I access Mijn Knab Inloggen?

You can access Knab Inloggen Personal Banking Environment in two ways: 1. Log in with your Knab App by Toon QR code on your screen with the app. 2. Also inloggen met wachtwoord and verify your login with the card reader.

How to use the Knab App?

  1. If you are already customers then go to the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Download the Knab App
  3. Then link your device to the Knab App with a QR code (if the app is already on another device).
  4. Then log in with your username and password.

If you are not a customer of them, then you can easily open an account via the Knab App with a valid proof of identity (not a driver's license). With Knab Plus you can bank privately or jointly. For only € 5 per month you get several checking and savings accounts and if you want: a free credit card. You open a bank account completely online via the Knab App. That is fast, simple and safe!

If you want to open bank account then you can visit Knab - bankrekening openen at here.

You can download a separate app for your credit card. This is the ICS app for the Knab Credit Card. For American Express you download the American Express App.

Knab klantenservice is really good. You can chat on Knab App and can get help; to chat; click on 'Chat' at the bottom of the App. Since you are already logged in, you can chat directly with the Service Desk. This also applies to the chat in your Personal Banking Environment. If they respond in the chat, you will immediately receive a notification. You can therefore simply close the Knab App in between.

We ensure that the message history is saved in the Knab en App and Personal Banking Environment. This way you can always read back the conversations. To chat in the app you need the latest version of the Knab App. You can download this for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. For Android you can go to Google Play.

If an update is available, bank asks you to update the Knab App as soon as you log in. For security reasons, it is not possible to log in before downloading the update.

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