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Education is in malmberg.nl’s DNA. It is challenging and always evolving. To get access Mijn Malmberg Inloggen page you need your account or sign up with www.malmberg.nl Taalblokken and Rekenblokken. The company sees it as their duty to support teachers so that they can provide the best education. In 1964 Malmberg becomes part of the VNU and in 1985 they celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Mijn Malmberg Inloggen

Mijn Malmberg Inloggen is very easy process. They develop learning methods for primary, secondary and secondary vocational education and offer them through digital learning platforms and books. And offer service and support to teachers to work optimally with the learning methods. As a teacher you make the difference; you are a role model, a coach, you inspire students and help them on their way to a successful future. And that is a challenge every day.

In these days Digital Education in trend, Digital learning means more motivation and more learning efficiency. That is why Malmberg invest a lot in digital learning. With the result: the first adaptive trainers and digital versions of successful methods are a fact. For example, schools have the choice to use fully digital methods. And since 2017 they have had MAX from Malmberg: a smart solution that gives teachers more time, peace and space. Malmberg inloggen MBO is one of the most query from their usres.

Education is important. At Malmberg.nl, part of Sanoma Learning, they are committed to making education even better every day. Nice work, with every challenge. That is why they regularly look for new colleagues. They think from daily situations and we have a lot of contact with schools. Because if they know what is going on in education, Malmberg know how they can help you. The company thinks along about the challenges that exist, about what you need to get the best out of yourself. Together we work on the solutions of today and tomorrow.

You can go for malmberg inloggen entree. If you want to stay informed about Malmberg Meetups, become a member of the Malmberg Meetup group. This is a group for fanatic developers and testers who want to be inspired by the latest technologies in a domain that matters, namely that of digital learning platforms in education! More than 370 members have already joined this group. You can also become a part of them.

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