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Picasa is a soft ware which allows you to view, edit and organize your digital photographs. It is a free program by goggle.

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To get the best out of this software you just simply need to follow these steps:

Picasa Login Guide

Step1 first of all you have to download the latest version of picasa which is available on http://picasa.goggle.com and that too absolutely free. It will also judge whether you are operating system is pc, Mac, or Linux.

Step 2 now to use this you need to have a goggle account. If you already have an goggle account you can sign up with same and if not then you can create one.

Step 3 now open picasa, when you do this it will open up all the pictures that you have stored in my computer, my documents or desktop even the oldest one. If you have saved your photographs in any other folder you can also add a folder in picasa manually by clicking on tools/folder manager option. This will view your pictures in the folder.

Step 4 now you need to sign in to picasa web album this will connect the picasa album on your computer to the Picasa album on net. For this you can use your G mail id and password.

Step5 now to edit a photograph, double click on the same. This will take your photograph to the editing window.

Step 6 now this is the main step here you can choose from multiple tools to edit your photograph. There are in total 9 options to choose from to edit your photograph. You can upload your photo on the web album also. You just need to choose the web album of your choice and post in the same. You can link the entire album also.

You can also use Picasa to upload videos on You Tube.

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